Wisdom Research & Marketing

Branding. Engagement. Communication.


Wisdom Research & Marketing helps organisations to research and manage

their reputations and to build engagement among their key target groups. These     may be employees, customers or other stakeholders; existing or prospective ones.  





Communication has a central role to play in both our research work and solutions, and we use both social media and traditional channels to meet our clients' needs. 

Part of our mission is to share good practice in our specialist fields.


Our services fall into three main areas: Market Research & Strategy, Social Media Management and general marketing support for businesses. 


For social media needs, please visit our separate Social Media Management website.



We believe that there is a significant return on investment to be gained by fully engaging with relevant groups, and by building positive associations and experiences among them. 


We aim to diagnose and fully understand our clients'  strengths and improvement priorities, and to use this knowledge to help them communicate effectively and engage with their relevant target groups. 

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